“10% of my profits will be donated to a nationwide civil rights organization I am the Chief Co-Editor and Organizer at called the Black Dawah Network. Another 10% of my profits will go towards funding the political campaigns of sincere woke black and brown candidates running for public office in the US, so Americans of all backgrounds have protected interests. Visit www.blackdawahnetwork.com to see the community building we do in oppressed hoods across America.”
– Founder of Young Messiah Clothing

The mission behind the Black Dawah Network is to reignite Brother Malcolm X’s social justice agenda centered around Muslim outreach to oppressed American communities of color. The Black Dawah Network fosters the use of Islamic morals and discipline to empower individuals impeded by lack of opportunity. Morals of which that are universal to people of all religious faiths such as community solidarity, strong family ties, abstaining from drugs/alcohol, no gambling, educational attainment, anti aggressive-violence and guarding one’s modesty.

Civil Rights Activist and 2022 Candidate for Rhode Island General Assembly, Harrison Tuttle, endorses Young Messiah Clothing because of the brand’s social justice impact 🤝
Thank you to those who voted for Harrison Tuttle in the 2022 Rhode Island state elections!

Harrison Tuttle, Executive Director of Black Lives Matter Rhode Island PAC and 2022 Candidate for Rhode Island State Senate, is the first and far from the last progressive politician YMC financially supports.

The Black Dawah Network has nationwide representatives who offer mentorship services, prison counseling, and entrepreneurial consulting. We also fight wrongful convictions with our affiliated legal teams.

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